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Middle East and North Africa

Over a decade on from the optimism of the Arab Spring, today democracy in the Middle East and North Africa faces significant challenges. Even those countries that had initiated a process of democratic transition are now experiencing a democratic crisis. Local democracy efforts are losing momentum due to hostility from the authorities and polarisation in society. The geopolitical environment in the region is increasingly challenging, with complex dynamics often leading to a disregard for universal rights. This environment presents significant obstacles for individuals and organisations advocating for human rights and democratic principles. This situation is further complicated by economic troubles and a culture of impunity.

Despite facing many challenges in their work, a strong cohort of democracy activists committed to better, more democratic futures for their countries work in the region. EED supports a wide range of civil society groups and independent media that are working to foster positive democratic change and democratic governance in the region and are providing citizens with access to high quality independent information.  

EED’s flexible and risk-taking approach enables it to support democracy activists who work in constantly changing and challenging contexts, as well as those working in highly difficult and repressive environments.