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Invitation to Tender

EED wants to implement a modern new IT System for managing EED grants with the ability to support stakeholder engagement. This system should utilise MS Dynamics and MS Power Apps. Therefore EED invites all interested software vendors (parties) to submit their Expressions of Interest to tender for a software development contract with EED.

The interested parties must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Be entitled to act in legal and economic transactions and conduct business activity,
  2. Have the necessary authorisations to perform the works or activities covered by the subject of the contract,
  3. Be a registered software development company,
  4. Have the necessary knowledge and experience, economic and technical potential, as well as staff capable of performing the contract,
  5. Hold Microsoft Solutions Partner for Business Applications designation (badge),
  6. Within the last three years preceding the deadline for submission of Expressions of Interest have successfully completed at least two software development projects using MS Dynamics, each with a net value of €250,000 or more,
  7. Fulfil the applicable technical and professional criteria indicated in the Invitation for Expressions of Interest,
  8. Be in a financial position to perform the contract,
  9. Have sufficient number of qualified staff and an infrastructure and operational set-up that enable the tenderer to dedicate a certified project manager (and a replacement, should the project manager be unavailable) with working knowledge and experience in agile project management (with up-to-date agile project management certificate, such as PMI-ACP, Agile P2P or similar) who will manage the project,
  10. Provide signed Declaration on honour on exclusion criteria and selection criteria,
  11. Submit an EOI before the indicated deadline.

The process is outlined in the enclosed Invitation for Expressions of Interest.

The interested parties should submit their Expressions of Interest using the provided template along with the mandatory documents:

  1. Registration document(s);
  2. A list of all owners and executive officers;
  3. Microsoft Solutions Partner for Business Applications designation (badge);
  4. Signed Declaration on honour on exclusion criteria and selection criteria (using the attached template);
  5. CVs of the project manager and the replacement project manager to be designated for the execution of the contract, including his/her experience in similar projects (projects based on MS Dynamics, projects for NGOs, grant management software projects, etc.) and a copy of the project management certificate.
  6. Scan of consortium agreement. [if relevant]

Expressions of Interest and scans of requisite documents must be signed with a qualified electronic signature (or signatures, dependent on the legal representation of the party) verifiable through the European Commission’s Digital Signature Service, and should be emailed to:
before the deadline: 30 April 2024, 10:00 AM (CET).

Please refer to the Q&A to the Invitation for Expressions of Interest and to the New Q&A to the Invitation for Expressions of Interest of 26 April 2024 and of 29 April 2024.