Experience Exchange Days are a part of the Teple Misto platform’s programme for sharing best practices, which is targeted at advocacy groups and NGOs from different cities and regions of Ukraine, with their representatives visiting Ivano-Frankivsk and meeting with the Teple Misto team. Participants can learn (and see for themselves) how the Platform implements the principles of sustainable urban development in practice and boosts grassroots community initiatives.

Teple Misto has been hosting such workshops for two years in a row already thanks to an EED grant. More than 260 public activists have already taken part in this programme.

We would like to share stories of three participants.

1. Victoria Luchka (Lviv)

At a 2016 workshop, Victoria told us about an all-Ukrainian charity cycling marathon called I See. I Can. I Will Help, where people with good eyesight were paired with the visually impaired individuals and cycled across Ukraine on tandem bicycles. The same year, Teple Misto volunteers met the participants of the cycling event in Ivano-Frankivsk and helped to arrange local activities. Six months later, the project team presented a documentary about the marathon at the Urban Space 100 public restaurant. We had the opportunity to support this interesting project in our city once again in 2017, arranging the launch of the event in Ivano-Frankivsk.

2. Sviatoslav Abramiuk (Ternopil)

Sviatoslav, a representative of the Youth Centre of Ternopil, visited our networking workshop in summer 2016. We have been actively sharing best practices since then. The mentorship programme of their Youth Centre allowed the Teple Misto team to visit Ternopil and learn about initiatives that the Centre is interested in. During this time, Sviatoslav fell in love with Ivano-Frankivsk, so now he often visits the city with his family. The Day of Street Music project that Sviatoslav learned about through the networking workshop, as well as the City Scanning Session urban festival, also presented great opportunities to visit our city again.

3. Daria Danylchenko (Lviv)

Daria took part in a networking workshop in summer 2016. She was inspired by the concept of the Teple Misto Platform projects and the combination of business approach and social component that is unusual for the public sector. In autumn, together with Artem Kornetsky, another workshop participant, she invited Teple Misto to be a part of a social entrepreneurship course.

As a result, more than 20 participants of the only Ukrainian master’s programme in management of non-profit organisations at the Institute for Leadership and Management of the Ukrainian Catholic University developed case studies on activities of our organisation. At the end of the course, the participants of the School publicly presented all the findings in Ivano-Frankivsk.

This June, the analytical centre CEDOS published its research on the network of urban initiatives and organisations from 5 cities of Ukraine. Teple Misto’s network turned out to be one of the most extensive ones in Ukraine, with our organisation being one of the most sought after for cooperation. It should also be noted that our organisation believes in openness and sharing the best practices, so we are not going to rest on our oars but continue to build new bridges for further synergy and cooperation as this is a crucial element of institutional development and sustainability of the organisation.