The Centre of Gender Culture, first ever in Ukraine, was launched on 5 January 2016 in Kharkiv with the main purpose of fostering the development of gender culture in Ukrainian society.

 During the launch, the guests met the centre’s team members and found out their working schedule. They also visited the exhibition of posters from Gender Museum's collection "Gender Stereotype – Caricature of Reality" (the EU-UNDP Equal Opportunities and Women’s Rights in Ukraine Programme, 2011) and watched the “ABC” documentary by the Estonian female filmmaker Madli Lääne. Docudays UA - International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival organized the screening. The organisers handed out copies of “Ya” magazine published by the Gender Centre for Information and Analysis “KRONA” and UNFPA posters.


The list of guests and speakers included:

  • Svetlana Gorbunova-Ruban, Deputy Mayor of Kharkiv City Council in charge of healthcare and social security 
  • Vyacheslav Kurennoy, EED Consultant in eastern Ukraine
  • Maria Kotvitskaya, Project Director, Ukrainian Women in Business, Kyiv
  • Elena Kochemirovskaya, UNFPA, Kyiv
  • Margarita Vasquez, OSCE, Kharkiv
  • National experts on gender policy and education Tatiana Ivanina (Poltava), Elena Mikitas (Kherson) and Yulia Savelyeva (Sumy)
  • Female and male representatives of state agencies, government bodies, non-governmental organizations and partners: Public Association of Large Families AMMA, Agency of Changes “Perspektiva”, Gender Centre for Information and Analysis “KRONA”, All-Ukrainian Gender Education Centres at Universities Network, female and male journalists from Kharkiv-based media, and students.

Marina Kekhter, Honorary Artist of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, singer, poet, gender coaching expert and a Kharkiv Hospital volunteer, performed a solo concert.

The Centre of Gender Culture is an innovative organization that deals with informal gender education for adults in a systemic way, applying the life-long learning approach. It is a place where everyone, regardless of sex, age, occupation and social status, can obtain basic knowledge on gender, including information about human rights, sex-based discrimination, and a wide range of gender-related issues.

While mainly covering the City of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, the Centre also welcomes gender activists and researchers from all over Ukraine and other countries to learn and share experiences.

The Centre will become a venue for intercultural communication, where foreign visitors to Kharkiv will get information about gender transformations in Ukraine, the women’s and feminist movements in Ukraine, the work of NGOs. The will also visit Ukraine’s first and only gender museum – Women’s and Gender History Museum that will become a structural unit of the Centre adding excursions to its activities.

 Already on January 14, the Centre hosted a working meeting of the All-Ukrainian Project members titled “Bringing Reforms Closer to Womens’ Needs: From Strategy to Action”. The list of participants included women from Poltava, Sumy, Kherson. The Centre of Gender Culture was a media partner of the project.

Coming up in January are various educational events: excursions, the “Interestingly about Gender” workshop, sessions of the gender video club, the discussion club, a training event on media literacy. The Centre will also offer excursions to the Gender Museum as well as private consultations and consultations for groups.

Partners: Ukrainian Women’s Fund, Public Association “Ukrainian Women in Business”, Public Association of Large Families AMMA, Agency of Changes “Perspektiva”, Gender Centre for Information and Analysis “KRONA”, All-Ukrainian Gender Centers at Universities Network, Gender Observatory joiny project of the International School of Equal Opportunities and Good Will (Dobra Wola) Foundation (Poland); Bureau of Gender Strategies and Budgeting.


Information partner: Public Information and Analysis Centre for Youth

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