Kyiv Post was selected as one of the 2014 recipients of prestigious University of Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Service to Journalism. Founded in 1995, Kyiv Post is the first Ukrainian news organization to win in the 84-year history of the Missouri Honor Medal. Journalists and media organizations are honored for lifetime or superior achievement. The winners are chosen by the university’s faculty.

The medal that will be given to the journalistic staff of the Kyiv Post is “for superior journalism throughout the publication’s history,” university officials said in announcing the award on June 23. Thus, the Kyiv Post has joined the ranks of some of the world’s top publications, including the Washington Post, the Guardian, Gazeta Wyborcza and Le Monde.

Independently, a recent study by Moscow-based AGT Communications Agency found that in the six months from the beginning of the Euromaidan Revolution on November 21, 2013, the Kyiv Post was the most quoted news outlet from Ukraine in US and EU media, and the second most-quoted from Ukraine and Russia, narrowly behind the daily business publication Kommersant.

In recent months Ukraine has had to fight not only a real war in the country’s east, but also an information war. This sophisticated and well-funded campaign has been aimed at discrediting the country, tarnishing its reputation, and destabilizing the state in general to prevent a successful political and economic transformation.

Through honest, objective and insightful reporting, the Kyiv Post has become a major source of information about Ukraine for the world. The online publication is carefully monitored by all major international news organizations and many international actors in government, civic society and international financial institutions.

As a result, the Kyiv Post’s online version has seen close to 40 million pageviews since the beginning of the year through July 25. Perhaps even more importantly, by sending journalists to cover events from the ground and consistently verify all facts, the paper has maintained a very high level of trust – a recent survey by global auditing firm EY found that 85% of readers fully or mostly trusted the accuracy of the reporting, making Kyiv Post one of the most reliable publications in the region.