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  • Status: Ongoing
  • Thematic area: Civic activism and participation
  • Country: Turkey
  • Year approved:2019

Center for Spatial Justice (Mekanda Adalet Derneği - MAD)

  • Name of organisation / initiative supported: Center for Spatial Justice (Mekanda Adalet Derneği - MAD)
  • Start date: 1 January 2020
  • End date: 31 December 2021

Initiative summary:

The Center for Spatial Justice is a Turkish NGO which has established itself as an open hub for all environmental and urban justice activists. They organise meetings, workshops and movie screenings with activists, researchers and journalists to raise awareness on urban and environmental issues. They are using their grassroot experience to influence policy-making and have been invited by different municipalities to collaborate and to present their reports on urban transformation. EED support is allowing them to conduct their activities and to strengthen their institutional capacity.

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