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  • Status: Closed
  • Thematic area: Independent and social media platforms
  • Country: Albania
  • Year approved:2019

Maçoku i Zi (The Black Cat)

  • Name of organisation / initiative supported: Maçoku i Zi (The Black Cat)
  • Start date: 15 March 2019
  • End date: 14 June 2020

Initiative summary:

EED’s support has allowed Sokol Shameti, a reputed intellectual and journalist in Tirana, to start a satirical website called Maçoku i Zi (The Black Cat), which publishes short satirical stories, op-eds, memes and cartoons, to encourage critical thinking in Albania’s public sphere. The initiative, which had been functioning as a social media page, was supported by EED in order to be established as a fully fledged online satirical magazine.

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