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Since inception, EED has supported over 600 initiatives aimed at promoting democracy in the EU neighbourhood and beyond. This database provides an insight into the work of EED partners over the years. However, due to the sensitive nature of certain initiatives and personal security risks facing some grantees in the restrictive environments where they operate, not all initiatives are listed in the database.

  • 7hills | Refugee Youth Programme

    EED provides start-up funding for a group of skateboarders passionate about social change. The project aims at developing a sustainable skateboarding programme, equipping disadvantaged refugee youth with leadership skills.

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  • Sawiyan

    Sawiyan, a recently registered initiative in Jordan, advocates for the rights of marginalised and vulnerable refugee groups.

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  • Ahel Organisation

    EED will enable an anchored Jordanian organisation to continue its support to teachers currently engaged in the “We stand with teachers” campaign.

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  • “Voices of Jordan”

    Jordan is a country that faces external and internal challenges, mainly by virtue of its geopolitical location. Yet, it remains one of the most stable countries in a region engulfed in violence and sectarian strife.

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  • Ma3azef

    Today in Jordan only few liberal voices remain struggling to survive ultra-nationalist government and conservative social as well as ideological forces.

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  • Sowt - Podcasts for democratic change in Jordan

    Sowt is a Jordanian social network based on voice recordings.

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  • Political Satire without Limits- Al Hudood

    EED’s core support will enable Al Hudood (“the limits”, in Arabic), a non-registered organisation, to continue publishing satirical political articles on its website.

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  • Hiber Online Investigation... with Ink

    The media organization Hiber is developing "investigative storytelling", an internet safety lab to protect internet users, as well as a political café for activists, intellectuals and academics.

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