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EED partner Oameni si Kilometri holds photo exhibition titled "Realities"

13 July 2017

The Association of Reporters "Oameni și Kilometri” (“People and Kilometers”) is holding a photo exhibition entitled “Realities” in Chisinau on 7–31 July. The 50 photos displayed at the exhibition explore several pressing issues in Moldova including environmental problems of the Dniester River, shortcomings of the education system, and aging population.

EED partner Oameni si Kilometri holds photo exhibition titled Oameni și Kilometri photo exhibition "Realities"

Oameni și Kilometri serves as a channel for citizens to raise their concerns and understand the realities country-wide by covering human interest stories that embody problems facing citizens and accentuate the need for effective solutions. The photo exhibition contributes to the mission of the media platform by exposing the challenges experienced by Moldovans to a wider public as well as authorities.

"The photo exhibition of 'Oameni si Kilometri' is like a magnifying glass for the most remote geographic and social realms in Moldova, otherwise invisible due to distance in kilometers and the filters of commercial media. The collection of images, inasmuch as the articles send strong social messages and reveal where changes really need to happen in the Moldovan society,” said Timur Onica, EED Programme Officer.

The works of five Moldovan photographers were selected during a competition designed to support and promote documentary photography and photojournalism. The artists each chose a subject matter that they wanted to investigate and depict in their works.

Sharing his experience one of the five photographers Vadim Șterbate noted: "The scholarship provided by 'Oameni şi Kilometri' was an opportunity for me to get to know other people both living in a close proximity and many kilometers away. In my photographs, I chose to focus on education to shed light on positive and negative characteristics of the current system. I eagerly look forward documenting challenges in this area in the future.”

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