EED10 Years Supporting Democracy

03 May 2017 10:00 to 20:00
Location BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts Rue Ravenstein 23
1000 Brussels, Belgium

UN World Press Freedom Day - Difference Day in Brussels

3 May 2017 10:00 to 20:00
BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts Rue Ravenstein 23
1000 Brussels, Belgium

To mark the occasion of World Press Freedom Day on 3 May 2017, the European Endowment for Democracy is proud to join up in a new partnership with UNESCO, BOZAR, Free University of Brussels and other prominent partners, to celebrate the 2017 “Difference Day” in the Bozar, Brussels. Join us for a series of workshops, debates, films and exhibitions on issues related to freedom of the press and freedom of expression.


  • EED Executive Director, Jerzy Pomianowski will participate in the debate session “Can Laws Stop Fake News?”;
  • EED partners (Meydan TV-Azerbaijan, MediaLab-Armenia, Souriatna-Syria, Al Hudood-Jordan and Dawlaty-Syria) will showcase their work as part of a side exhibition of satirical cartoons on the themes of press liberty and freedom of expression. You can visit the display at any time during the day;
  • EED partner Loai Hazem, content manager of the Middle East’s leading satirical news website Alhudood, will give a presentation on caricature in the Arab world and live sketch throughout the afternoon.


World Press Freedom Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993 following a Recommendation adopted at the twenty-sixth session of UNESCO's General Conference in 1991. This in turn was a response to a call by African journalists who in 1991 produced the landmark Windhoek Declaration on media pluralism and independence.

It serves as an occasion to inform citizens of violations of press freedom - a reminder that in dozens of countries around the world, publications are censored, fined, suspended and closed down, while journalists, editors and publishers are harassed, attacked, detained and even murdered.

An open and free media landscape, which allows divergent opinions and ideas in the public debate, is a key aspect of democratic societies. Support to independent media is therefore a key area of EED’s work in the EU neighbourhood, where many regimes are becoming increasingly strident in their efforts to cripple civil society and muzzle free speech.

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