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North Macedonia

Western Balkans Media Days | Skopje, F.Y.R.O.M, 2018 © European Commission
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Date modified: 11 June 2019

North Macedonia has gone through a series of socio-political reforms since regime change in 2017. Recent key events include the ground-breaking agreement with Greece on the country’s naming and the decision to make Albanian the official national language. A number of civil society activists and journalists have joined politics, and there are now increasing opportunities for new and emerging actors in these fields. The government’s emphasis on the international agenda in recent years has also meant that the pace of internal reform has slowed down. Civil scrutiny on government accountability has also weakened.

 EED approach and added value

  • Provide support to informal groups, start-up organisations and emerging civic actors
  • Support for independent media
  • Support youth activism and volunteerism

Examples of supported initiatives

  • Emerging media that provide high quality content based on investigative reporting, as well as non-news media products
  • Independent productions that apply innovative approaches in promoting democracy
  • Start-up organisations and emerging civil society leaders


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