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Date modified: 11 June 2019

The space for independent expression and a democratic opposition continues to be restricted and the crackdown on media, academia and parts of civil society spreads an atmosphere of fear in the aftermath of the attempted military coup of 2016. Arbitrary arrests and the usurpation of the rule of law contribute to the silencing of critical voices. Society is deeply polarized and the space for civil society actors to engage with government and state institutions through dialogue and advocacy is heavily curtailed. The situation is particularly dire in the south-east of the country where civil society actors and politicians face harsh repercussions for their work.


EED approach and added value

  • Start-up grants to new human rights initiatives
  • Sustaining and developing independent media
  • Support to the re-establishment and renewal of civil society organizations to adapt themselves in a difficult climate

Examples of supported initiatives

  • Safeguarding access to justice for journalists, online media and human rights defenders
  • Supporting independent media to develop high quality and critical content
  • Support to grass roots civic activism through innovative tools


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