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Date modified: 9 October 2020

Despite significant progress since its 2011 revolution, Tunisia faces a number of challenges in assuring a steady democratic transition, not least high unemployment, insecurity, and regional disparities.

In terms of the democratisation process, there has been progress with the introduction of legislation on anti-corruption and combating violence against women. Civil society has contributed to the fight against corruption and inequality, promotion of citizenship, as well as individual liberties.

EED approach and added value

  • Support for marginalised groups and rural regions
  • Support for grassroots organisations with no or little experience in grants management
  • Fill core funding gaps for some of the better-established organisations that have found it increasingly difficult to attract support from other donors as priorities have shifted

Examples of supported initiatives

  • Initiatives focusing on participatory democracy, youth civic engagement, and accountability at the local level
  • Organisations working on women’s rights
  • Initiatives promoting integration of human rights and gender perspectives in political programmes


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