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Date modified: 5 June 2020


Israel has in recent years witnessed a significant increase in political polarization, as rhetoric and policy positions have grown more extreme. While the public debate is in some ways a testament to Israel’s democracy, concerns remain about its democratic trajectory, particularly regarding minority rights and rule of law.

Independent Israeli civil society has been under increasing pressure in recent years. The 2016 NGO Law requires Israeli groups receiving over half their funding from foreign entities to disclose this publicly, implicitly insinuating that these organisations pursue a foreign agenda. This measure has mainly affected human rights organisations. Other recent legislation has targeted the work of groups who report abuses by the Israeli security forces. In this context, a robust civil society is critical to consolidate Israel’s democracy and guarantee equality for all Israelis.

EED approach and added value

  • Complement larger international donors by providing emergency or bridge funding to effective groups
  • Support unique initiatives that struggle to receive other funding

Examples of supported initiatives

  • Empowering youth to play a more active role in community affairs
  • Protecting the rights of detainees, and ensuring transparency and accountability in Israeli detention facilities


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