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04 December 2019 10:00 to 12:00
المكان European Endowment for Democracy Rue de la Loi 34, 1040 Brussels

An evolving role for Civil Society within Tunisia’s new political reality?

4 December 2019 10:00 to 12:00
European Endowment for Democracy Rue de la Loi 34, 1040 Brussels

This year’s presidential and parliamentary elections have changed Tunisia’s political landscape with the election of a new political class and citizens have great expectations of this new government. 

The 217-member Assembly of Representatives is now a mosaic of political parties, and this is likely to lead to significant challenges and deadlock. Party political priorities, particularly of the majority parties, remain unclear. The presidential campaign was particularly controversial.
These political developments have caused much uncertainty within civil society. It is expected that future discussions on socio-economic reforms and anti-corruption measures will be challenging within this new fractured political dynamic. Similarly, progress on gender equality and promotion of individual freedom may be hampered by more conservative parliamentarians, and by a president who has also expressed conservative views in the past. It is likely that over the coming period, democracy watch-dogs will play an even more important role within society.

Join us for a panel discussion on civil society’s role within this new Tunisian political reality.

Panellists include high profile civil society activists, who are well placed to analyse the current situation, the current parliament’s composition and the president’s ambitious programme. The debate will address transparency and public accountability, freedom of association and individual freedoms as well as the role of Tunisian media.


9:30 | Registration
9:45 | Breakfast
10:00 | Panel Discussion

Rosamaria Gili, Head of the Maghreb division at the European External Action Service will moderate the panel.


Nesrine Jelaila, Al Bawsala Executive Director
Al Bawsala is a leading democracy-promoting watchdog of parliament, local authorities and public finances in Tunisia. It works to ensure that Tunisians have access to the information they need to hold decision-makers in leadership positions to account. Nesrine has also held positions with various other international organisations and NGOs.

Ramy Khouili, ATFD Director of operation and human rights activist
Ramy is a medical doctor who has been an active member of Tunisian civil society for over a decade. His work focuses on issues such as individual liberties, sexual and reproductive rights, women’s rights and equality and refugee and migrants’ rights.

Thameur Mekki, Nawaat Chief Editor and independent journalist
Editior-in-chief of Nawaat since 2017, Thameur Mekki has worked as writer and producer for various newspapers, radios and TV channels in Tunisia, as well as collaborated with international French speaking media like Orient XXI, TV5 Monde and Le Monde Diplomatique. As a specialist of the Tunisian emerging cultural scene and of media criticism, his features often focus on protesting socio-political dynamics.


Presentations will be held in French and English translation will be provided.

Please note that attendees will require a photo-ID to access the EED offices for this panel discussion.

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