EED10 Years Supporting Democracy

06 March 2018 16:30 to 18:00
المكان European Endowment for Democracy Rue de la Loi 34
1040 Brussels, Belgium

Albania’s new political activism: “great expectations” or a viable perspective?

6 March 2018 16:30 to 18:00
European Endowment for Democracy Rue de la Loi 34
1040 Brussels, Belgium

The democratisation process in Albania has stalled with numerous obstacles on the way to continued political reform and the European integration process. Entry barriers in politics are one of the factors enabling current political elites to maintain the status quo. New actors face formidable hurdles in emerging, carrying out meaningful advocacy and pushing for reforms. How to create a new or renewed political elite in Albania, committed to making a difference?

Gjergj Bojaxhi | Former Candidate for Mayor of Tirana
Arben Çejku | Former Albanian Ambassador to FYR Macedonia, Executive Director ACGG – Albanian Center for Good Governance
Gentian Elezi | Former Vice Minister of European Integration, Visiting Scholar at the University of Cambridge
Alida Karakushi | Independent Civil Society Activist and Policy Analyst

Idlir Peçi Independent Legal Expert, Former Associate Professor in Criminal Law and Human Rights Univeristy of Utrecht, Former Deputy Minister of Justice

Background note

Politics remains a dirty word in Albania, associated with greed and shady interests. The lack of a grass-roots political culture, pressure on the judiciary, underdeveloped internal political party democracy and a media system exploited by government and owners to advance their interests, all hold back the democratisation process.

Opposition is still limited to political parties, with NGOs unwilling to undertake advocacy campaigns on issues which touch political interests.

Despite the high level of dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs, new-entry parties and other political alternatives have proved unable to consolidate themselves. The recent generational turnover in traditional parties has failed to deliver a new generation of more accountable politics, committed to the fight against corruption and the reforms required for EU integration.

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